This demo is designed to showcase the basic functionality of the  UI and navigation for our WebGL Graphic Novel System, As well as to start the process of telling the story of ARGO's "Shadows on Flatland... Escape from the Eighth Sphere" story.

Our Web GL Graphic Novel system supports large high definition pages to maximize the visual impact of both art work and narrative content, while providing a simple interface to scroll through one frame at a time by manual "next frame" / "last fame", or "next page" / "last page" button selection to navigate to any predefined area in any order within a specific page as well as providing an "auto advance" mode . Use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out and hold the mouse key to reposition the frame for fine adjustment or to see specific detail within a frame. The escape key is used to exit from full screen mode.

For anyone interested in Joining this ongoing collaborative project, as well as any independent graphic novel or comic book artist / creator,  as a web GL graphic novel your content can be embedded on virtually any website. if you would like to collaborate with ARGO on this or our other projects or to publish your own content using web GL for free, contact us directly.    

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